Semi-not-so Quality

We have no experience publishing great children's books. In fact, our first children's stories should scare everyone alike.

Straight Shooters

From children's picture books to board books, we will drain the fun from children's literature. We're old fashioned enough to tell it as it is.

Pathetic Concepts

Our heart warming illustrations will do their best to make the stories enjoyable, but face it; to relate to Millennials you have to listen to a lot of whining.

Millennial Artist

We don't know what the font we're doing.

At Millenia Media we hire "educated" people out of 6 years of college, who have no work ethic. They just stand around. Our quality staff all retired a few years ago, so we're left with these yahoo's. But check out Fred here... Maybe if he was a designer you'd understand what's going on. But this is our accountant.

Deteriorating the foundation of society

Millenia Media is a remarkably complete mess, offering you nothing but a plethora of headaches and pains. Whether promoting a dependence, lack of ethic or drive - Millenia Media's unique and rigid style has you covered.


Lawsuits, blame, and angry blogs are active against us.


We're called a number of names, meanies that make fun and hurt feelings is just one.

Kids books for millennials

Start diving into the nightmare becoming reality.

Millenia Media provides nothing of worth to your children. Infact their souls will die a little after each time they finish these tales of woe.

People like babies love Millenia Media

Millennial Inner Child

"So Awful!"

It's clear to see just how bad these guys make books. I've never come across such rubbish!

Anne Potter - via Envato
Millennial hipster

"Seems familiar"

I love the story lines - I can identify with the characters in these stories.

Jake Sims - via Twitter
Scary dude

"Where's the Jon?"

I was up late making these books and it took like 28 cups of coffee. Now I got to wee like a race horse. Why are you taking my picture?

Larry Smith - via Real Life