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It's Okay to Hate

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  • ISBN: 5446548463189448
  • Trimsize: 7 (w) x 9.5 (h) x .45 (d)
  • Pages: 45

  • About the Book

    A book like this has many revision. It's Okay to Hate now in it's 78th revision has been finely perfected whom one is allowed to hate.

    Follow Sally as she walks through the neighborhood talking with friendly people on the street. She learns that even if you disagree with someone there are still fine qualities about them. However she quickly discovers through social media that there is one bad person in her neighborhood; Fred Rogers. No matter how Fred tries to relate to Sally he will never understand because he is a privileged straight white male. So anything he says that isn't inline to what Sally says is egotistical and oblivious to the real life struggles of Sally.

    This book covers why it is only okay to sexist, racist, and loathe someone based on their sexual orientation, whenever they don't agree with you. Things are about to get ugly in her neighborhood.

    Correlates to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts

  • About the Author

    Rickie's mom, shares the wonderful experiences changing Rickie's name to Sally in all her books as to not embarrass her daughter. Anywho she's junk but we're under contract so, keep the books coming.

  • Ratings
      Ted Tingles 15/09/2016

      Who's this Sally person and why does she fall for anything on social media? It's pretty clear discrimination bad on every angle. You can't be telling people it's bad to hate someone based on their race and gender, but then exclude one class. That's idiotic!

      Bruce Banner 23/08/2016

      This is trash. And I should know, I'm a scientist. This book made me angry so I bashed it, smashed it, and trashed it. And that's where it will stay. Okay not quite the trash. The saving grace of this book is it's all paper so I was able to put it in the compost bin.

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